Welcome to the new CATO-Chutes web site, your place to go for the best small hand-made parachutes you will find.

CATO-Chutes are made from high quality low porosity rip-stop nylon. Each CATO-Chute has six shroud lines that are fully stitched from the edge to the crown and have a medium spill hole proportional to the parachute size. Shroud lines are braided nylon line. Each CATO-Chute comes with a swivel attached.

All chutes are custom made to your specifications – you pick the size, panel colors and shroud line colors. You can go classic or go crazy! It’s all up to you.

Of course, we also sell pre-made ones on the field for your last-minute needs. See our blog at right to learn where we will be next.

Our booth at NSL 2012
Sample CATO-Chute in our “Classic” color combo


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