About CATO-Chutes

CATO-Chute in flight

CATO-Chutes are renowned in the Northeast US for their high quality and endurance. Fans of the CATO-Chute claim that they come with a little bit of recovery luck sewn right in.

The name CATO only refers to where they were born. To our knowledge, no CATO-Chute has ever caused a “really cool” event on the pad!

CATO-Chutes are warranted against almost anything…except:

  • Incineration
  • Deployment at full speed
  • Hanging in a tree

If anything else goes wrong, we will gladly repair or replace your CATO-Chute for as long as you own it.

CATO-Chute under construction showing the full-length shroud lines
Close up of the shroud lines
View of the spill hole