Ordering Your CATO-Chute

Here’s where it gets fun!

Please select from below to order your CATO-Chutes. Select your shroud line choice, then select one, two or three colors from the options below. Two color CATO-Chutes use alternating panels. Three color CATO-Chutes have two panels of each color opposite from each other. All CATO-Chutes include a swivel. CATO-Chutes in 30 and 36 inch sizes also have a slider for reefing. If you want to go crazy, you can do that too! Just enter your choices in the Special Instructions section.

CATO-Chute sizes are measured across the opening when fully inflated, instead of across the top as in most other brands. For example, a 36″ CATO-Chute would be comparable to a 54″ chute measured across the top.

Standard lead time is 7-10 working days, but most CATO-Chutes tend to ship sooner than that. You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours of placing your order informing you of your estimated shipping date.

Please note: Shipping for international orders will be calculated by weight and billed separately.

CATO-Chute Sizes
Panel Color #1
Panel Color #2
Panel Color #3
Shroud Line Color
Special Instructions